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Starting guide

Welcome to Wearetibia! This section is for those who have just started their adventure here. We offer a variety of options and approaches to help you create your very own adventure! 


Level 8 onwards

Before you start your adventure, you need to choose a hometown. Wearetibia offers you to either start your adventure in the regular cities, such as Thais, Edron, etc., or, which is also the recommended choice, is to start from Dragon Fall, the newly created city, as this city offers lots of new quests and a great experience!

At the beginning of your adventure, your own will sets the limits on how you want to explore and grow stronger. You can either explore the different corners of the country and find hidden treasures guarded by strong animals and evil monsters, or you can help the people in the cities with quests and tasks to get you started. Here is a list of various way for you to explore and grow stronger:

General training guide 
Hunting places

Many options of different hunting sites to go to, especially in the first stage of your adventure! 

Hunting locations

Custom hunting places

A good alternative to the usual hunting grounds, but beware, the density can be high. Hunting locations
Rorina storyline quest

A long questline that starts already in level 8 that gives lots of good rewards and accesses to new places!

Dragon Fall missions

The city gives you a variety of opportunities, such as missions and incredible hunting spots for you to get stronger!




Specific training guide 
Level Monster Location Pre-quests

1. Dwarfs
2. Minotaurs

1. North of Dragon fall
2. North-east Dragon Fall, North of Darashia, South of Thais



1. Dragons
2. Dwarf tomb (GFB)

1. North of Dragon fall, West of Darashia
2. Below Ab'Dendriel temple



1. Dragon lords
2. Hydras
3. Frost dragons
4. Warlocks

1. West of Darashia, North of Dragon fall
2. North-east of Dragon fall, North-west of Ankrahmun
3. West of Nivalis, Arctica from Dragon fall
4. North of Carlin, North-west of Dragon fall, South-east of Thais

3. Nivalis access, Arctica access
4. Draogn fall warlock access


1. Undead hydra
2. Warlocks
3. Mercenaries
4. Old heros
5. Witch Agathas

1. North-west of Ankrahmun
2. North-west of Dragon fall, North of Carlin, South-east of Thais
3. North-west of Dragon fall
4. North-east of Dragon fall, North-west of Carlin
5. West of Dragon fall, North of Carlin

2. Draogn fall warlock access
4. Dragon fall old heros access
5. Dragon fall Witch Agathas access


1. Undead Hydra
2. Supreme Warlocks
3. Rorina 5
4. Witch Agathas

1. North-west of Ankrahmun
2. North-west of Dragon fall, North of Carlin
3. East teleport of Hevania
4. West of Dragon fall, North of Carlin

2. Dragon fall supreme warlock access
3. Up to Rorina 5
4. Dragon fall Witch Agathas access


Level 20 - The spirit, your personal hunt assistant

Now that your adventure has started and you have reached level 20, you will receive two rewards that will help you immensely in future adventures. The first reward you get is a spirit all your own. Spirit is a pet that can kill monsters with you and even block difficult monsters so you don't die! You get the spirit by talking to the Spirit of the Warmaster in the Dragon Falls or Thais temple. 


Your second reward for reaching level 20, is your very own set for your specific class of which the weapon is in the Legendary tier! The place is located north of the Dragon Falls temple, through two level 20 experience doors that lead to a castle. Here you will find four NPCs, each of which is meant for the specific vocation you have chosen! Go through the teleport that is placed in each corner of the castle and there you can get your reward for reaching level 20. To get your weapon to legendary level though, you need to apply the scrolls you got from the quest, be careful though, you don't have an infinite number of scrolls to reroll your weapon! 



Level 20-200 - Guide to the first reborn

After you've got your spirit and your very own set, it's time to train to make your first reborn. The first reborn occurs at level 200, which is the mandatory task in the world of wearetibia. When you have reborned, you adventurer starts over at level 8, but keeps everything else, such as weapons, equipment, money and more. The reason why you want to reborn at level 200 is to make your adventurer even stronger with reborn points and thus start your second adventure against the other reborns!

But, before you reach 200, there are some things you might want to get ready. When you reborn, all types of quests and tasks start over, that is, you have a chance to get rewards again from the same quests. Here is a list of missions and tasks that can be good to do before you reach your first reborn:

- Dragon Falls different quest lines
- Rorina storyline quest
- Tasks from Cursed albert

The Rorina questline is one of the questlines that is particularly good to do! This questline gives you the opportunity to reach new and great hunting locations, such as Heavanium, but also incredible rewards, such as, new weapons, new equipments and gems!  What can also be good to do is to get access to different possible places, because when you reborn, you maintain access to all different places! Here is a list of different accesses you can do before you reach your first reborn:

- Nivalis access, provides a lot of opportunities for new hunting areas and quests, such as Ice crystal quest, fire crystal quest, Devil hills access and Repear access
- Access to Arctica, Frost dragon spawn located in Dragon Fall
- Access to Witch Agathas, great spawn for high density of Witch Agathas located north-west of Dragon Fall
- Access to Supreme Warlocks, located deep inside the castle of warlocks, north-west of Dragon Fall
- Access to Heros, a high density spawn of Heros, located north-east of Dragon Fall. 


The promotion

Promoting your adventurer is a great way to gain extra strength, health points and regeneration. The first promotion happens in level 20, where you go to King John IV, which is located north of the Dragon Fall temple, but also other places, such as Thais castle. To make your first promotion, you will need a total of 20 Platinum coins! The second promotion can be done in level 65. To get this promotion you need a Promote Wand which can be obtained either through the donation shop for 20 points, or via the Ancient Traveler, located south-east of Darashia depot. This promotion will make your character the title Grand and give you a lot more stenght, health points, regeneration and spells! Here is a list of spells you can achieve for the various promotions!

Level 150 - Dragon dungeon

Dragon dungeon, which is also a quest to get an early reward that you should really get at your second reborn which happens at level 300, a Sea order coin! In addition to the Sea order coin, you also get tier 4 wings that are very strong and will help you incredibly much in your adventure. This quest is an extremely important quest that requires a lot of preparation, and especially a team, as you face difficult monsters in multitudes! To get a guide on how to do the quest, follow these links:

- Blacksmith Prizon - crafting your keys required for the dungeon
- Dragon Slayer Eregon - the dragon dungeon

The reward from this quest is the following:


  Sea order coin, used to craft sea order equipment

Demon wings.png

  Speed +50
  Max HP 3%
  Max MP 6%
  Healing +40
  Magic Damage +70
  Magic Level +7
  Fire +5%
  Death +5%
  Armor +5

Hellfire wings.png

  Speed +40
  Max HP 10%
  Healing +100
  Melee Skills +10
  Shielding Skill +10
  Fire +12%
  Physical +10%
  Armor +15

Crystal wings.png

  Speed +40
  Max HP 5%
  Max MP 5%
  Healing +25
  Magic Damage +25
  Distance Skill +10
  Physical +5%
  Armor +10


Level 200 - The reborn

The first reborning occurs at level 200. As previously stated, when you reborn, you start over at level 8 and restart all tasks and missions you have done except for access quests and your equipment. Which suggests that it is extra important to do all the important tasks that you want to repeat before you reborn. Another important thing to consider before you reborn, is to cap out on supplies and amulet of loss. When you reborn in level 8, you have very little cap, so you won't be able to buy anything or put new items in your backpack! 

Here is a comprehensive guide how to complete your first reborn at level 200