Last Man Standing

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Last Man Standing

How does the event work?

Players registered for the event, if they are in a protected zone, will be automatically transported to a random battle arena.

Each character will have only one life, after they die, they will be teleported to the temple of the city in which they are citizens.

During the event, you will be on a battlefield and will have to fight not only against the players who are at the event, but also against the hordes of monsters that will be summoned from time to time. Remembering that when you get close to the end of the event, powerful monsters will be summoned, so if they get close to the character, you will be killed instantly, in return, they are extremely slow monsters, what makes it difficult to have to escape from them and, at the same time, fight against players who are still in the battle arena.

There is no penalty for loss of items and experience during the event.



How to enter the event?

To enter the event, you must be positioned within a protected area. That is, it can be in the temple, depot or even in your home. After being inside a protected area, enter the command in the Default Channel.



What is the reward?

The last survivor will receive a Crystal Box and a personalized medal as a reward.