Massive Team Battle

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Massive Team Battle


How does the event work?

There is a maximum limit for 100 players. That is, 50 players on the blue team versus 50 players on the red team.

Players registered for the event, if they are in a protected zone, will be automatically transported to a random battle arena.

Each character has 3 lives. After his 3 lives are over, he will be transported to the temple of his hometown.

There is no penalty for loss of items and experience during the event.



How to enter the event?

To enter the event, you must be positioned within a protected area. That is, it can be in the temple, depot or even in your home. After being inside a protected area, enter the command in the Default Channel.




What is the reward?

All players on the winning team will receive:

  • A 5% experience bonus lasting 12 hours.

All players on the losing team will receive:

  • A 3% experience bonus lasting 12 hours.

In the event of a tie:

  • All players will receive a 2% experience bonus lasting 12 hours.

The player with the most frags will receive:

  • A personalized medal.



What is the period between events?

  1. First MTB Event : 20:00 CET
  2. Second MTB Event : 02:00 CET