Ice Crystal Quest

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Taking the Key

  • To get the key go to Demona, on the way to Soul Hunters prison, better known as the pentagram room
  • When you get there, enter the staircase located to the northeast
  • Be prepared to face supreme warlocks

  • Now, go north and go up the stairs

  • Then, head west and go to the place marked on the map
  • You will need 5 talons, you will use 1 on each teleport. With the talons in the backpack, enter each teleport respectively according to the image guide
  • At the end, you will receive the key. Be careful not to miss the sequence


  • Go to the DP of Nivalis, the NPC is located south of the DP as shown in the image
  • Go to NPC Nirdui, say: hi-mission-yes

  • Now, head northwest, on the way to the frost serpent, go up the first ladder, as marked on the map, and go south along the ice mountains


  • You must fill in the spaces, you can switch between characters, summons and pets
  • Be prepared to face: Snow Wasp, Frozemoth, Frost Dragon, Frost Wing and a Gran Warlock

  • In the first image, go to the circle and go down the ladder
  • In the second image, go to the circle and go down the hole
  • In the third image, go to the circle located to the west


  • Now you need to click on the big diamond. Watch out for the summon of a modified warlock

  • After clicking, you will get an ice crystal, go back to NPC Nirdui, south of the Nivalis depot, where you started the quest.
  • Say hi - mission - yes - yes - yes
  • You have successfully completed the ice crystal quest and can now use Nivalis' boat
  • After the dialogue you will be able to do the Fire Crystal Quest