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Quest name Required level Suggest level Other requirements Location Reward
Diamond Digger Quest - - 50x diamond hydra heads
50x diamond hydra necks
50x diamond hydra furs
50x diamond nails
50x diamond dragon wings
50x diamond dragon tails
50x diamond dragon heads
50x diamond rotworm heads
Diamond Island Abillity to trade with Arrmil and Naldward

Diamond Outfit

Omni Dragon Egg Quest - - Complete the 80 first tasks (not any) PoH Omni Dragon Pet
Demon Father Annihilator 140 250   deep under Thais

One item of:
Demon Father Legs, Ancient Skull Shield, Valuable Present, Dark Lord Cape

Ancient Amethyst Quest 150 300 - Nivalis

One item of:
Ancient Amethyst Helmet, Ancient Amethyst Armor, Ancient Amethyst Legs, Ancient Amethyst Boots, Ancient Amethyst Shield, Ancient Amethyst Sword, Ancient Amethyst Axe, Ancient Amethyst Club