Dragon, Dragon Lord and Solar Dragon Location

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Dragon, Dragon Lord and Solar Dragon

RTENOTITLE 1000 Health points RTENOTITLE 1900 Health points RTENOTITLE 7200 Health points


Can be pulled: RTENOTITLE

Push Objects: RTENOTITLE

Behavior: Hand-to-hand combat. Fight to the death.

Skinning: Dragon Tail, Dragon Lord Tail and Golden Wing

Recommendations:  The EXP balance should vary between 1 – 2 kk / hour. You will be able to collect some valuable objects in the Dragon Lords. If you are not a Premmium Account yet, you can buy directly from the Store or you can also ask an older player to sell their items on NPC -1 DP Thais.

The cave features the following stream of monsters:

-1: Dragon

-2: Dragon Lord

-3: Solar Dragon (this is a little strong for you still friend)



Common: 0-110 Gold Coins, 0-3 Dragon Hams.
Uncommon: Crossbow, Steel Shield.
Semi-rare: Longsword, Broadsword, Steel Helmet, Plate Legs.
Rare: Double Ax, Serpent Sword, Dragon Hammer, Green Dragon Leather.
Very rare: Small Diamond, Dragon Shield.

Dragon Lord

Common: 0-250 Gold Coins, 0-5 Dragon Hams.
Uncommon: Gemmed Book, 0-7 Power Bolts, Green Mushroom.
Semi-rare: Golden Mug, Small Sapphire, Energy Ring.
Rare: Life Crystal.
Very rare: Strange Helmet, Fire Sword, Dragon Scale Mail, Tower Shield, Dragon Lord Trophy, Royal Helmet, Dragon Slayer.

Solar Dragon

0-292 Gold Coins, 0-4 Red Mushroom, 0-4 Small Emeralds, Silver Amulet, Gemmed Book, Life Crystal (semi-rare), Life Ring (semi-rare), Tower Shield (rare), Fire Sword (rare), Strange Helmet (rare), Flame Sword(Rare), Dragon Lance(Rare), Dragon Scale Mail (very rare), Golden Armor (very rare), Spellbinder Greatstaff (extremely rare), Guardian Boots (extremely rare)


How to get there