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Healing Runes Access Overview

Embark on a journey to master powerful healing runes by completing missions for a special NPC. Both Elite and Ancient Healing Runes offer enhanced healing capabilities, making them a valuable asset in your adventures.

NPC Location

The NPC for both Elite and Ancient Healing Runes access is located in the Knight Barracks, southwest from the forge in Dragon Fall.


Elite Healing Runes Access

Unlock the power of Elite Healing Runes, known for their superior healing capabilities, healing 20% more than standard Ultimate Healing Runes.

Elite Healing Runes Missions

  • Soul Hunter Slaying Mission: Slay 750 Soul Hunters. Reward: Mysterious Box.
  • Frost Hound Hunting Mission: Hunt 500 Frost Hounds. Reward: Ice Elemental Box.
  • Ogre Warrior Onslaught Mission: Defeat 250 Frost Ogre Warriors. Reward: Ice Elemental Box.
  • Hell Horse Hunt Mission: Exterminate 200 Hell Horses. Reward: Bloody Box.
  • Doom Legion Elite Guard Challenge Mission: Vanquish 100 Doom Legion Elite Guards. Reward: Knight Vocation Gem.
  • Supply Delivery Mission: Deliver supplies (Frozen Club, Frozen Axe, Frozen Blade, 200 Fire Mushrooms, 10 Doom Legion Essence, 100 Crystal Bars). Reward: Sir Vailant Healing Elixir.


Ancient Healing Runes Access

Master the Ancient Healing Runes, known for their remarkable healing power, healing 30% more than standard Ultimate Healing Runes.

Ancient Healing Runes Missions

  • Gorgol Berserker Brawl Mission: Defeat 1000 Gorgol Berserkers. Reward: Earth Elemental Box.
  • Immortal Guard Showdown Mission: Vanquish 1200 Immortal Guards. Reward: Fire Elemental Box.
  • Ice Warmaster Conquest Mission: Defeat 1000 Ice Warmasters. Reward: Ice Elemental Box.
  • Dark Slayer Defeat Mission: Defeat 750 Dark Slayers. Reward: Protection Gem.
  • Tentacle Slayer Takedown Mission: Defeat 500 Tentacle Slayers. Reward: Big Loot Elixir.
  • Ancient Supply Retrieval Mission: Deliver supplies (King Sword, Immortal Sword, Orc Sword, Godly Earrings, Pet Cage Helmet, Pet Cage Armor, 200 Crystal Bars). Reward: Lady Anciena Healing Elixir.