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Unlockable Ammunition and Pierce System Overview

Each NPC provides access to unique ammunition, enhancing your combat capabilities. Additionally, completing missions for these NPCs unlocks the pierce system, allowing your projectiles to hit multiple targets.

Frosty Fletcher Tier 1 Access

Upon unlocking access to Frosty Fletcher, you gain the ability to purchase:

- Iron Bolts - Frozen Arrows - Holy Arrows

Pierce System Upgrade: Completing the first mission for Frosty Fletcher activates the pierce system for your ammunition. This system allows the following ammunition to pierce through an additional target:

+1 additional target pierced

Infernal Ingrid Tier 2 Access

Unlocking access to Infernal Ingrid allows you to purchase:

- Demonic Arrows

Pierce System Upgrade: With Infernal Ingrid access, Demonic Arrows can pierce through an extra two targets:

+2 additional targets pierced

Gilded Gabriel Tier 3 Access

By gaining access to Gilded Gabriel, the following ammunition becomes available:

- Golden Arrows - Saint Arrows - Infernal Bolts

Pierce System Upgrade: Gilded Gabriel access further enhances the pierce system, increasing the piercing capability of specific ammunition:

+3 additional targets pierced


Note: The pierce system only works with the specified types of ammunition and after completing specific missions or gaining access to certain NPCs. Make sure to refer to each NPC's questline for full details on unlocking their respective ammunition and pierce system enhancements.

Ammunitions Compatible with Pierce System:

The pierce system works exclusively with the following single-target ammunitions:

  • Frozen Arrows
  • Demonic Arrows
  • Golden Arrows
  • Iron Bolts
  • Infernal Bolts

Arrows Access Tier 1: Missions Overview

Frosty Fletcher offers a series of challenging missions for brave adventurers. Completing these missions grants access to specialized arrows and other rewards.

Mission 1: Dwarf Rampage

Mission Name: Dwarf Rampage
Objective: Kill 300 Dwarfs
Description: Dwarfs are causing havoc in the mines. Teach them a lesson!
Reward: 1 Crystal Coin

Mission 2: Giant Spider Hunt

Mission Name: Giant Spider Hunt
Objective: Exterminate 100 Giant Spiders
Description: Giant spiders are a threat to our people. Show them no mercy!
Reward: 5 Crystal Coins

Mission 3: Hydra Massacre

Mission Name: Hydra Massacre
Objective: Slay 300 Hydras
Description: Hydras are disturbing our ecosystem. Put an end to their reign!
Reward: 10 Crystal Coins

Mission 4: Bloody Spider Annihilation

Mission Name: Bloody Spider Annihilation
Objective: Kill 300 Bloody Spiders
Description: Stop the infestation of bloody spiders and their lethal venom.
Reward: 12 Crystal Coins

Mission 5: Prisoned Sinners Judgment

Mission Name: Prisoned Sinners Judgment
Objective: Eliminate 150 Prisoned Sinners
Description: Bring justice to the escaped prisoned sinners.
Reward: 10 Crystal Coins, 1 Bloody Box

Mission 6: Sleepy Hollow Showdown

Mission Name: Sleepy Hollow Showdown
Objective: Defeat 40 Sleepy Hollows
Description: End the terror of the Sleepy Hollows tormenting travelers.
Reward: 3 Pieces of Demon Bone, 3 Black Demon Leathers

Mission 7: Supply Delivery

Mission Name: Supply Delivery
Objective: Deliver various supplies (80 Small Sapphires, 3 Knight Armors, 3 Royal Helmets, 100 Small Diamonds, 2 Black Demon Shields, 2 Fire Crossbows, 5 Dragon Scale Mails)
Description: Provide Frosty Fletcher with essential supplies for his craft.
Reward: 1 Hermes Box, 1 Frosty Fletcher Elixir (access)

Arrows Access Tier 2: Missions Overview

Infernal Ingrid offers a series of challenging missions for the brave and skilled. These missions unlock unique rewards and access to powerful gear.

Mission 1: Devils Bane

Mission Name: Devils Bane
Objective: Eliminate 750 Devilspawn
Description: The town has been overrun by Devilspawn. Restore peace by eliminating these demons.
Reward: 10 Crystal Coins

Mission 2: Gorgol Slayer

Mission Name: Gorgol Slayer
Objective: Exterminate 750 Gorgol Archers
Description: A swarm of Gorgol Archers is ravaging the farmlands. Stop them before they cause more destruction.
Reward: Hermes Box

Mission 3: Frost Strike

Mission Name: Frost Strike
Objective: Slay 250 Ice Hunters
Description: Venture into the icy north and end the havoc caused by Ice Hunters.
Reward: Ice Elemental Box

Mission 4: Flame Justice

Mission Name: Flame Justice
Objective: Quell 250 Fire Hunters
Description: Fire Hunters are causing chaos in the volcanic regions. Restore order by defeating them.
Reward: Fire Elemental Box

Mission 5: Jungle Justice

Mission Name: Jungle Justice
Objective: Eradicate 250 Jungle Hunters
Description: The Jungle Hunters are disrupting the ecosystem. Eliminate these predators.
Reward: Earth Elemental Box

Mission 6: Dragons End

Mission Name: Dragons End
Objective: Defeat 1 Ancient Red Dragons
Description: Confront and defeat the one Ancient Red Dragon threatening the world.
Reward: Omni Elemental Box, 5 Golden Bars

Mission 7: Supply Delivery

Mission Name: Supply Delivery
Objective: Deliver essential supplies (5 Crystal Bars, 50 Essences of Doom, 50 Fire Brandy, 50 Ice Brandy, 50 Jungle Brandy, 1 Demon Hunter Helmet, 5 Black Demon Shields)
Description: Provide Infernal Ingrid with the necessary supplies for her endeavors.
Reward: Hermes Box, Infernal Ingrid Access Elixir

Arrows Access Tier 3: Missions Overview

Gilded Gabriel provides a series of perilous missions for seasoned warriors. Successful completion of these missions grants special rewards and access to exclusive items.

Mission 1: Orgog Obliteration

Mission Name: Orgog Obliteration
Objective: Eliminate 750 Orgogs
Description: The land is under siege by Orgogs. Stop their destructive rampage.
Reward: 10 Fortune Coins

Mission 2: Angelic Annihilation

Mission Name: Angelic Annihilation
Objective: Defeat 500 Fallen Angel Warmaidens
Description: Battle against the corrupted Fallen Angel Warmaidens to halt their chaos.
Reward: 20 Crystal Coins

Mission 3: Guardians Demise

Mission Name: Guardians Demise
Objective: Vanquish 500 Fallen Angel Guardians
Description: Confront the Fallen Angel Guardians to bring back peace.
Reward: 20 Crystal Coins

Mission 4: Archangels Fall

Mission Name: Archangels Fall
Objective: Banish 100 Fallen Archangels
Description: Challenge the Fallen Archangels and rid the skies of their darkness.
Reward: 20 Crystal Coins

Mission 5: Shadow Slaying

Mission Name: Shadow Slaying
Objective: Exterminate 200 Dark Hunters
Description: Hunt down the Dark Hunters that lurk in the shadows.
Reward: 10 Fortune Coins

Mission 6: Dark Destruction

Mission Name: Dark Destruction
Objective: Defeat 400 Dark Slayers
Description: Face the Dark Slayers and prevent a world enveloped in darkness.
Reward: 1 Golden Account Scroll for 7 days

Mission 7: Supply Delivery

Mission Name: Supply Delivery
Objective: Deliver various supplies (25 Crystal Bars, 100 Angelic Elixirs, 1 King Bow, 2 Angel Rings, 2 Angel Bows, 2 Angel Shields, 2 Angel Amulets)
Description: Supply Gilded Gabriel with the essential materials for his craft.
Reward: 1 Hermes Box, 1 Gilded Gabriel Elixir (access)