Pirate arctus

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Pirate Arctus - Arctica access




First Quest

Mission: Bring alcohol

Reward: 10 Platinum coins

Second Quest

Mission: Deliver wood

Reward: Access to Arctica & 5 Tiny mood apples, 10 Platinum coins, Composite hornbo and shield




Transcript of first quest

Player: Hi

Pirate Arctus: Greeting Adventurer! Hicks! Do you want to hear what i have to offer?

Player: Yes

Pirate Arctus: Great ! First you have to bring me the best alcohol you can find on the island. Apparently the dwarves keep it in their vault. It will be needed for our expedition to the island of Arctica.

Go the the dwarf mine north of city, click on 5 beer caskets hidden underground


Player: Hi

Pirate Arctus: Did you bring me that precious alcohol ?

Player: Yes

Pirate Arctus: Ahhh ! Great ! Gul gul gul...... Now that my headache has stopped, we can move. But first, you need to help my brother with the repair of the ship. Come back later so i describe details.


Transcript of second quest

Player: Hi

Pirate Arctus: Are you ready for the next mission?

Player: Yes

Pirate Arctus: We will need some wood to repair the ship. Apparently the elves in their camp are hiding the best quality wood, we could use for the repairs.

Go to north-east Elf camp and find 2 hidden chests in a watch tower


Player: Hi

Pirate Arctus: Did you bring the wood to repair the ship?

Player: Yes

Pirate Arctus: Great ! I can see the fine quality of the wood.. Talk with my brother Captain Arctus and travel to Arctica