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General Commands

Command Description
!frags Shows all information about frags. After executing the command within the game, a message will appear on the Default Channel.
!expboost The command will show you how much experience bonus your character has.
!buyhouse You must be in front of the door of the house you want to buy and the necessary money must be in your backpack.
!sellhouse, Player Name You, as owner, must stay inside your house, close to the door. The player you want to sell to must be in a position that allows him to trade in you. So say, for example,! Sellhouse, Tutorial Player. Instantly, you will open the trade channel, offering the deed of possession of your home to the player whose name was entered in the command.
!leavehouse Just use the remote inside your home. After using the remote, all your belongings, except furniture, will go to your depot and the house will be unowned.
!share This command predicts the maximum level and the minimum level of players who can share experience with you as a group. The message will appear on the Default Channel.