Starting Guides

Leveling Guide


Beginner Guide (Level 8-20):

When you create your character, choose the Edron city to start. The first step you need to do is start a task, find the npc Cursed Albert and pick up the tasks. We advise that you need to take a task from Trolls and Goblins. After completing them, return to "Cursed Albert" and collect your rewards.

Now follow the images and you will find the caves:

Monsters: Troll.gif Goblin.gif

Foto 1.png Guide8-20c.png

 Guide8-20d.png Guide8-20e.png 

Guide8-20f.png Guide8-20g.png

Guide8-20h.png Guide8-20ii.png 


Note: The way north, you will find Trolls, to the south, Goblins.


Beginner Guide (Level 20-30):

First Step: Still in the city of Edron, perform a Rotworms task and go to the hunt. You will face Rotworms and Rotwormins.After completing them, return to "Cursed Albert" and collect your rewards.

Monster: Rotworm.gif

Guide 20-30a.png 

Second Step: 

Monster: Mino.gif


Now you need to travel to Darashia City, in thethird image I show where "Cursed Albert" is located in Darashia. Take Minoutaur task and go to the hunt. You will face all minotaurs (Guard, Mage, Archer, and Bruiser). After completing them, return to "Cursed Albert" and collect your rewards.

Guide 20-30b.png Guide 20-30c.png Guide 20-30e.png


Beginner Guide (Level 30-50):


First Step: In this guide, we will have 2 large hunts, with large amounts of monsters. I advise you to hunt in both hunts. First, start the Dwarfs and Cyclops task and travel to Ab'dendriel. Be careful, the third floor contains a stronger creature called "Raging Dwarf". After completing them, return to "Cursed Albert" and collect your rewards.

Monsters: Dwarf.gif Cyclops.gif

Guide 30-50a.png Guide 30-50b.png


Second Step: Now you need travel to Ankrahmun, you can find "Cursed Albert" in the first image. Here you need get 4 tasks. (Ghouls, Vampire, Bonebeast and Necromancers). After completing them, return to "Cursed Albert" and collect your rewards.

Monsters: Vampire.gif Ghoul.gifBonebeast.gif

Guide 30-50c.png Guide 30-50d.png Guide 30-50e.png Guide 30-50h.png


Intermediate Guide (Level 50-75):


Come on, now things start to get better about exp and money, we will hunt for creatures now with a chance to drop good items that can be used or sold. We go to the dragons' cave, and my tip is that, try to create a team hunt, so it will be easier to kill them.

First Step: Take Dragon Lord Task, and travel to Darashia. When you go down in the cave, you will find Dragons and go deeper, Dragon Lords. If you want to hunt just normal dragons, that's fine, but I advise you to go to the Dragon Lord.

Monster: Dragon lord.gif

Note: Be careful, don't kill them face to face, they do a lot of damage in the fireball wave

Guide 50-70a.png Guide 50-70b.png


Second Step:


Now that we’re done, we’re going to hunt Frost Dragons. They are located in Folda. I will show you the way step by step. Don't forget, always get the task. Take Frost Dragon task. Travel to Carlin and after, Folda. When you reach the boat, you will find the NPC "Nielson", say: "Hi, Folda, Yes", ready, you are in Folda.

Monster: Frost dragon.gif

Guide 50-70c.png Guide 60-70d.png Guide 60-70e.pngGuide 60-70f.pngGuide 60-70g.pngGuide 60-70h.png

Guide 60-70i.png Guide 60-70j.png Guide 60-70l.png


Intermediate Guide (Level 75-100):

After hunting so many Dragons, we will hunt Hydras. Take Task Hydras and go for the hunt. I advise you not to go down at -2 floor, you will find Undead Hydras, they are VERY STRONG.

First step: Follow the images.

Monster: Hydra.gif​​​​

Guide 75-100a.png Guide 75-100b.png Guide 75-100c.png

Guide 75-100d.png Guide 75-100e.png Guide 75-100f.png

Guide 75-100g.png Guide 75-100h.png Guide 75-100i.pngGuide 75-100j.png Guide 75-100l.png


Second Step: Now, we will hunt Witch Agathas, I advise whenever you go with one more person, so the hunt becomes "easy". This hunt contains both a good exp and a profit.

Monster: Witch agatha.gif

Guide 75-100Wa.png Guide 75-100Wb.png Guide 75-100Wc.pngGuide 75-100Wd.png Guide 75-100We.png Guide 75-100Wf.png

Guide 75-100Wg.png Guide 75-100Wh.png


Note: How to get out of this cave? Make your way back to the first image below, and follow the step by step.

OutWitch.png OutWitch2.png


Advanced Guide (Level 100+):


Congratulations on getting here. You have reached an "advanced" stage of the game, and it does not end there, you will have many places to explore and hunt. I'll show you 3 new hunts for you,it doesn't have to be done in the order I'm posting. The first will be White Dragon's. Travel to Darashia and follow the images to reach hunt. Never forget to take the task.

First hunt (White Dragons): White dragon.gif

Guide100WhiteDragons.png Guide100WhiteDragons2.png Guide100WhiteDragons3.png


Second Hunt (Undead Hydras): Undead hydra.gif

Guide 75-100a.png Guide 75-100b.png Guide 75-100c.pngGuide 75-100d.png Guide 75-100e.png Guide 75-100f.pngGuide 75-100g.png Guide 75-100h.png Guide 75-100i.png

Guide 75-100j.png Guide100UndeadHydra1.png Guide100UndeadHydra.png


Third Hunt (Prison): Prisoned sinner.gif Bloody mage.png Soul hunter.gif


Here you will face 3 creatures, Prisonned Sinner, Bloody Mage and Soul Hunter. I advise you to be careful, as they are strong. Pick up all tasks from this monsters and follow the imagens.

Guide 75-100Wa.png Guide 75-100Wb.png Guide 75-100Wc.png Guide 75-100Wd.png Guide 75-100We.png Guide 75-100Wf.pngGuide 75-100Wh.png

Note: To access this hunt, you will open two levers, in the images below I will show you where they are. The levers are in the first and second images.

Guide 100Prison.png  Guide100Prison3.png  Guide100Prison5.png