Monster characteristics

Monster levels

Within the world of WeAreDragons and WeAreTibia, monsters with different levels emerge. The levels of the monsters range from level 0, all the way to level 500. Whereas the level of a monster depends on the difficulty of the monster. However, it is not negative to face a higher leveled monster as it gives more experience as well as higher loot chance upon slaying. A monster that has levels is something you don't face all the time though, it's a 25% spawn chance if the monster has levels.

Level Health bonus Speed bonus Damage bonus Experience bonus Loot bonus
1 2% 0.2% 0.02% 0.7% 1%
2 4% 0.4% 0.04% 1.4% 2%
n n * 2% n * 0.2% n * 0.02% n * 0.7% n * 1%
500 1000% 100% 10% 350% 500%


Monster stars

In addition, when you encounter a monster, you can quickly determine what level the monster is at by looking above the monster. Above the monster,0, to 4 stars can appear. 

Level Amount of stars


Corrupted monsters

Not only does a monster have the ability to appear in different levels, but a monster may be unlucky enough to be corrupted when it spawns. A corrupted monster has a 0.75% chance of spawning and has the following attributes:

Health bonus Experience bonus Damage bonus
100% 100% 30%